First Look At Dragon Quest IX's Co-Op Game Play

We've heard about Dragon Quest IX's local only co-op play. Now, let's finally watch famous Japanese celebrities play it.

For those who want to get right to the action, gameplay starts at about 3 minutes in.


According to this episode of Tsuruno Takeshi's new show Joudeki!! Geinoujin Kodawari Ou Kouza Iketaku, this is also the first time actual game play has been shown on television.

At the end of the program, DQ creator Yuji Horii comes out and talks about the pressure of making Dragon Quest games. Even though the credits are rolling why he's talking, still neat to see Horii on Japanese network television.


Cool, they mentioned that once a week there will be a new story to download. I did not know that. I don't have a DS, but that sounds awesome.