First Look at Call of Duty: Black Ops II's Multiplayer

This is your first look at multiplayer in this November's presumed mega-hit, Call of Duty: Black Ops II. Call of Duty fans, this is why you play, no?

The battles appear to be taking place in the game's near-future of 2025.

We've got some most unusual knife and tomahawk kills.

Some sort of microwave transmitter screwing with the enemy. (Or maybe it's DARPA's Pain Ray?)


Remote-controlled drones. Lots of them.

... And after the title screen at the end, it sure sounds like this match is being shoutcasted.

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Static Jak

I'm honestly not seeing this big change up I've heard a few go on about.

The biggest change was aesthetics. The actual gameplay is, from what I saw there, the same as previous CODs.

Even a lot of the new killstreaks look like different variations of older killstreaks with new wallpaper and some slight changes here or there.

The biggest issue I've had with COD since MW2 is that they throw in too many toys in to a small sandbox that's overflowing at this point. It just leads to chaos. But I suppose the old engine and probably the current console hardware is stopping any chance of sorting anything like that out just yet.