First Look At Art For New Tales Game

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Namco Bandai's "Tales" franchise is quite popular in Japan. It's so popular that Tales of Vesperia caused the Xbox 360 to sell out in Japan — quite a feat considering the sluggish sales in the region.


The company has confirmed three new Tales titles, which already leaked out earlier today on the Namco Bandai site. There is a new "Next Tales of" game for the PS3, but Namco Bandai has not shared what the full title is. The company did state that "Tales of Unitia", a rumored name that had been circulating online, is not the game's title.

Pictured is art for the still untitled game.

Besides the still unnamed Tales, Bandai confirmed Tales of Graces F, a "power-up" version of Wii game Tales of Graces slated for the PS3. The original Wii title was so buggy that it had to be recalled. Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3 is coming to the PSP and is bringing over 80 characters from past Tales games with it.

Tales of Graces F will be out this winter and Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3 will be out next year. Bandai Namco did not provide release info for "Next Tales of".


This year marks the 15th anniversary of the Tales series.

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so any word on whether any of this is coming to the states?