First Joe Danger Trailer Looks Ridiculously Fun, Fiendish, Gorgeous & Delicious

Hello Games' Joe Danger is on a very, very short list of downloadable games that we're unreasonably excited about here at Kotaku, a game that got its first official video showing during last night's GameTrailers TV.

While Joe Danger may not have gotten the airtime that Kratos did on the show's God of War III blow out, the IGF-nominated "stunt 'em up" should be on your radar, especially if you're a fan of Excitebike-like gameplay and LittleBigPlanet-esque level of user created levels. And to hear everyone else tell it, Joe Danger is both gorgeous and delicious, both appropriate adjectives.

Remind me next time I write about Joe Danger to express how "stupendously exciting," "hilarious" and "gloriously fun" the game looks, so we can maybe squeeze some Kotaku quotes in an upcoming trailer.


Oh, Joe Danger is planned for release on PC, Xbox Live Arcade and/or PlayStation Network, last we heard.

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