Freeverse dropped us a note to let us know that they've released a "preview" of one their iPhone game Wingnuts Moto Racer, a heavily redacted preview.

Turns out that the developer, best known perhaps for their work on Marathon: Durandal for XBLA, is under an NDA with Apple and can't talk about the game just yet.


There are still some tidbits to be found on the site though.

Moto Racing will make use of the iPhone's accelerometer to steer a motorcycle through races, and the intern who wrote up their "preview" says the game feels like an arcade title. Judging by the bits found around the giant red redactions, it looks like the game will indeed use tilting to steer and that, at least according to an intern at the place that makes it, it works well.

They didn't include any screens because of the NDA, but there is some art from their Mac level building utility to give you at least a taste of the art style.


Last we heard Freeverse was also working on a Sports pack for the iPhone, but no word on how that is progressing.

Freeverse tells us that while they will be at next week's WWDC, they don't plan on revealing anything new.


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