First Images Of Halo Anime

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That's right, there's a Halo anime, and here's your first peek, courtesy of Los Angeles Times.

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Company Town: The business behind the show [Los Angeles Times]



I find myself feeling somewhat annoyed. I grew out of my ZOMG! ANIME! stage years ago and I've become more and more annoyed by the style of American animation taking on stronger and stronger Anime vibes. It's like the entire culture of American Animation has been devoured by "greener pastures" on the other side of that big pond over yonder.

I remember when we had American Animation, and it could be called ours. I mean, the stories could have used some work but... damn. Doesn't anyone think what it would look like to see Halo rendered like an American company from the 80's but with naturally updated technology, color, and animation techniques. It'd be G.I Joe with a (potentially) good story! JUST THINK! Master Chief giving PSAs!