First Ever Dota 2 Championship Winner Revealed

Valve's yet-to-be released Dota 2 has its first champion. The publisher held a tournament for the still-unreleased game at the Gamsecom video game conference last week. It wrapped up over the weekend. There are spoilers ahead, in case you haven't looked up the winner yet.


The 16 top-ranking Dota teams from around the world battled it out in what Valve is calling "The International", the first of their annual Dota 2 championships. The International had a a group stage, double elimination playoff format, and was spread out over four days of Gamescom.

Ukrainian team Na'Vi beat the Chinese team E-Home in three out of four matches, making the fifth tie-breaker match unnecessary. Videos are available online of the entire match which lasted almost an hour. You can watch the match without commentary, or with it in a multitude of languages.

Valve promises another International competition next year, though the date and location have yet to be determined. Na'Vi took home the pride of first place, as well as a $1 million grand prize. Nvidia also provided hardware prizes for the winning team, as well as all hardware for the championship.

Dota 2 will be available on Steam in beta, and those interested in early registration can sign up to be placed on a waiting list, according to the tournament website. Dota 2 will also be available on PC and Mac later this year.

[Dota 2 International Championship Tournament]

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I really don't understand why they had this competition. It's for a game that we've heard little about and hasn't been released yet. The only people who care about the results are those who got to participate in the tournament. For everyone else, the whole affair was just a chance to see a game that we nothing about in action. You could have just thrown gameplay videos online Valve... itwould have been just as effective and you wouldn't have had to spend so much money.