First Duke Nukem Forever Gameplay Video

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With Duke Nukem Forever over a decade in development, you'd think that a first gameplay video reveal of the thing would be a major event, the type of clip that would be handed out as an exclusive to a major video game press outlet. Nope. Instead, 3D Realms' forever-in-the-making first person shooter gets the over the shoulder, indirect feed treatment on The Jace Hall Show—delivered via the dreadful Crackle video player no less.

Due to the aggravating nature of Crackle videos to autoplay, the clip is after the jump. An interview segment with developers Scott Miller and George Broussard kicks off around 2:30, with first blurry footage of Duke Nukem Forever about four minutes in. Thanks to the many, many tipsters who sent this one in.

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I'm not sure everyone commenting in here was a part of the Duke Nukem era. If you're looking for something innovative, mind-blowing, or some new feature to make it stand out in this generation, you're looking in the wrong direction. This is Duke Nukem. Same old game that some of us played back in 96-97, except with a graphics overhaul. Honestly who here expects some top-tier, AAA title graphics, when this game has faced so much scrutiny? 3D Realms probably understand by now that it won't sell like hotcakes, so they're doing what they can for the following. I think this game will turn out like many other cult-classic guilty pleasures, which is exactly where it belongs.

As far as the gameplay reveal goes, more power to them. Forget all the media hype, PR release bullshit. To let some small-time show host be the first to play and horribly present it is pretty cool of them. I'm starting to think that we're either too babied, or just a bunch of cynics.