First Details About The Japanese Remake Of 24

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As Kotaku reported back in early 2019, the American TV show 24 is getting a Japanese remake. Today we’ve finally learned the first details about the show.


According to Yahoo! News Japan, the show will star popular actor Toshiaki Karasawa, who has been nominated for two Japanese Academy Awards, as the Jack Bauer character. The Japanese version of the protagonist is named Genba Shidou. As with the American show, the Japanese counterpart will also have a wife and daughter. 

In the original 24's first season, the show featured David Palmer in the race for the US Presidency. The Japanese version will center around the country’s first female prime minister. The show will be changed to reflect Japan and Japanese society but in a way that evokes the original show. There will be a CTU type unit, but the original program’s technology will be updated for 2020.


24 Japan will air starting this October in, well, Japan on TV Asahi. 

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I somehow suspect that this version won’t use brutal torture as a lame crutch for solving every mystery.