First Dead Space 2 Screen(s) Venture Into Scary 3D

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Your first online peek at Isaac Clarke in Dead Space 2 has arrived, a 360 degree look at the necromorph dismemberment engineer that requires Microsoft's Silverlight plug-in and a dose of patience.

GameInformer has the first comprehensive look at Clarke in his newer, sleeker, more jetpack-accessorized space suit, and at least one unfamiliar necromorph. Fight against the Silverlight and Photosynth-powered screenshot viewer a bit and you'll also get a peek at some of the environment from the sequel and what appears to be a flood of teenaged necromorphs bearing down on poor Mr. Clarke.

What do you think of Isaac's new duds?

Dead Space 2 In 3D [Game Informer]

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I haven't played the first much, but wasn't the appeal of it that Clarke wasn't a superhero but rather a regular guy in an extrodinary circumstance.

This to me looks like your typical "kickass and take names" type.