Sega is making Conduit 2 doubly official today, offering a first look at the sequel to last year's The Conduit for the Wii, complete with new details and a chance to put your face in the game.

Conduit 2 will build upon the original with a new Team Invasion Mode, a cooperative multiplayer option that works both online and offline for up to four players—see four-player splitscreen in action below. Competitively, 12-player online multiplayer is still there, but now with "larger and more intricate indoor and outdoor battlefields." As far as your mug appearing in Conduit 2, you'll have to head to the game's official site for details on getting your pretty face on an in-game poster.


High Voltage Software and Sega have pegged Conduit 2 for a fall release on the Wii. Let's pass the time by scrutinizing two additional screen shots.

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