Firewatch developers Campo Santo just released a patch for PS4 that promises to fix the framerate issues and other instabilities that people have reported over the past few days. Say the devs: “You should make sure your copy of the game is fully updated, as this patch significantly improves the experience across many aspects of the game.”


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Kudos to Campo Santo! I may have finished the game in one sitting, but it’s so well done, and there were several dialog options I missed and still want to explore, that I was planning on playing through it again. I was just waiting on a patch for the framerate issues before I did so, as it was rather distracting to the gameplay. I know a lot of people have had opinions on the price vs. length of the game, but I have to say, the voice acting is so well done, that alone is worth the price. I will also (somewhat) agree with people call it a walking simulator, it kinda is, and yeah, it could have used some branching story options, not just the ending. But it’s still a nice little indie game. Pick it up on sale some time, you won’t be sorry.