Firefall's Gameplay Looks As Pretty As Its Cinematic Trailer

So what if it's Dune, Starship Troopers and Tribes thrown in a blender. This cinematic trailer for the multiplayer shooter looks expensive, and sure is pretty.

If you think this all looks and sounds a lot like Blizzard meets Tribes, well...two of the men behind it are former Blizzard lead designer Mark Kern and former Tribes lead designer Scott Youngblood.


Enjoy the cinematic trailer? Here's some gameplay to go with it. Looks nice! Cel-shaded, but subtle, just the way it should be.


What do they mean "that'll keep the bugs out?"

Half Life 2 taught us that thumpers keep bugs away.

The guns look a little cartoony, but overall, I'll be interested in playing this game.

It's really annoying that you can't even see the guy's feet. I really hate how too many third person games are bringing the camera in and narrowing the field of vision this way. Shooters rely heavily on situational awareness and this kinda ruins it.

First person looks pretty decent, however. :D

Gameplay itself looks a little boring. Could use a bit of variation, I think.

The giant bugs die too easily.

Also, "wassup, wasshappenin'" sounds awful.

Gun sounds are pretty solid, though.