Firefall Is What You Get When a WoW Creator Makes a Shooter

Firefall is an online shooter that is quietly pushing a lot of people's buttons. Which is what happens when you pitch an online, co-op shooter that looks a lot like classic jetpack simulator Tribes.

This trailer for the "massive co-op" PC shooter, due at the end of the year, shows both jetpacks and co-op shooter action in a sci-fi, team-based environment. Again, that's ticking the boxes of Tribes fans.


Me, I just like the fact developers Red 5—led by one of the original designers of World of Warcraft—is using real, raw gameplay footage in a trailer. It's a treat we don't get enough of these days!

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Sorry but that looks exactly like Global Agenda, whats new here?

Jetpacks, Tick,

Team Gameplay, Tick.

Coop, Tick

Scfi Based environment, Tick

And yes Global Agenda is also free!

Whats so special about this game?