Today in Tokyo, Konami held a press conference, detailing some of the games it plans to bring to the Tokyo Game Show.

It wasn't a complete list, so there could be some last minute surprises, but before you ask, no, there's no Metal Gear Solid: Rising on it.

Actually, the list is mostly comprised of stuff we've already seen, save for four PS Vita titles.

The PS Vita is Sony's new high-powered portable gaming console, so these four titles are probably going to be mega, no? Well, no.

The four games they revealed are racing game Asphalt: Injection, AR Combat DigiQ, new Little King's Story, and a new Mahjong Fight Club game.


The release dates for these games are TBA.

There might be more surprises, as I said, stuff to get people more excited. This is a start. But is it a good one?

KONAMI、「KONAMI Media Confarence 2011」を開催。TGS2011出展タイトルなどを一気に公開!【速報版 [GAME Watch]

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