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Are we (finally) getting a new Unreal Tournament game? We'll find out at 2pm Eastern, when the folks at Epic Games promise they'll be talking about "the future of Unreal Tournament."


They're also gonna talk some more about Unreal Engine 4 and virtual reality in general. The whole thing will be streamed live on Twitch—watch right here:

Via Epic, here are the details:

When: Thursday, May 8, 2pm ET

What: Future of UT! + UE4 Blueprint & VR update


UE4 Dev Community + Epic = The Future of Unreal Tournament

Joe "Dr. Sin" Wilcox, UT Sr. Programmer, Steve Polge, Sr. Programmer / UT Project Lead, Stacey "Flak" Conley, UT Community Manager

UE4 Blueprint, VR, Community Spotlight, Live Q&A

Mike Fricker, Technical Director, Michael Noland, Sr. Programmer; Nick Donaldson, Sr. Designer, Alan Noon, Dev Rel Tech Artist

May 8th Agenda

  • Welcome & news on the future of Unreal Tournament
  • Blueprint Discussion
  • VR Update - Oculus, Project Morpheus
  • Community Spotlight
  • Live Q&A

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