Find Makarov: Operation Kingfish Is More Explosive Than Your Average Call of Duty Fan Film

Operation Kingfish is the sequel (of sorts) to Find Makarov, the fan-made short film based on the Modern Warfare series—the mini-movie that fooled us into thinking a Modern Warfare 3 announcement was imminent in February. (Oops!)


Not sure we can call this over-the-top action packed short a fan film, though, as it has the official backing of Activision. Toronto-based creative studio We Can Pretend got a call from Activision after the success of the original Find Makarov film, commissioning them for a sequel. And, yes, the filmmakers say, it is possible to shoot down an AC 130 with a shoulder mounted RPG launcher.

Find Makarov: Operation Kingfish made its debut at this weekend's Call of Duty XP gathering. Here it is in all its high-definition glory. I suspect we'll see more of this in the not too distant future.

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That was a pretty fun fan film, though it doesn't seem to fit into the actual CoD universe at all. I mean, plot holes aside, there is no point in the games when you're team mates will actually work with you.