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The Switch's Joy-Con Is Getting A D-Pad From Hori

Illustration for article titled The Switchs Joy-Con Is Getting A D-Pad From Hori
Screenshot: Hori

This July, Japanese peripheral maker Hori is releasing a Joy-Con with a proper D-pad. Thank goodness for that! You will, however, have to trade some standard features for it.


The current left Joy-Con features face buttons as does the right one. But if you mostly play in handheld mode, a left-side D-pad might be more comfortable. Hence, why Hori is selling a left Joy-Con with a D-pad.

Note that it can only be used in the handheld mode and doesn’t have acceleration, gyro sensor or vibration features.


According to 4Gamer, it’s priced at 2,678 yen ($25.36), and there’s currently no word of an international release.

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Platypus Man

In case anyone wants an alternative, keep in mind that BASSTOP (the company making the often translucent Switch case replacement mods sometimes featured on Kotaku) also make versions for the left Joy-Con with d-pads. It’s obviously more work than what Hori’s offering, but it’s cheaper and you won’t lose any features.