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Finally The Sims 4 Gets College, And 'Juice Pong'

Illustration for article titled Finally iThe Sims 4/i Gets College, And Juice Pong

The Sims 4’s college expansion pack, Discover University, is coming to PC on November 15th and consoles on December 17th. Simmers everywhere can now breathe a deep sigh of relief that one of the most longed-for expansion packs is soon to arrive.


Discover University comes with a new world, Britechester, where Sims can enroll in either the Ivy League-flavored University of Britechester or the more tech-focused Foxbury Academy. Along with including options for Sims to live in dorms and go to classes, this pack will also come with three new careers to choose from: law, teaching, and engineering. Oh, and Sims can also play “juice pong.”

Every time a new Sims game is released, Sims fans immediately start asking for a couple of specific expansion packs: seasons, pets, and college. It makes sense to want seasons and pets in your game. Seasons—and the holidays that come with them—change not only the game’s world, but the rhythms of a Sim’s life. As far as pets are concerned, who wouldn’t want a fluffy friend in their game? People also get pumped about the college packs as well, though. The reasons there are a little deeper.


I think a big part of why Simmers get so enthusiastic about these expansion packs is that when you get down to it, every base game in The Sims series feels a little empty after a while. Historically, seasons, pets and college expansions can add a lot of new gameplay and mechanics, making each new playthrough of The Sims that much more exciting. Given the amount of activities on offer in Discover University (they’re getting bikes!), it’s hard not to get psyched about having more things to do in the game. My personal favorite bundle of Sims related joy, the YouTuber Lilsimsie, is already crying (happy tears) over the announcement.

When it comes to the college pack in particular, part of the anticipation probably has to do with the fact that many players of The Sims are younger, and going to college is aspirational for them. For older players like me, who left college nearly ten years ago (God, I’m old), when I’m playing a family and my teens just instantly age up into working adults, it takes me out of the game. I remember college admissions and getting my acceptance letters being a significant portion of my late teenage life. Not everyone goes to college, but having the option for higher education makes the lives of the Sims that you’re piloting around feel fuller.

I can’t wait to send my Sim children to college, where they will hopefully have a better time than I did. I’ll try my hardest not to be helicopter mom. I just want to know that my precious babies are okay!

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In my headcanon, “Juice” is simlish slang for an illegal cocaine / energy drink / alcohol combo that’s far more hardcore than any drugs the kids were doing back in my day.