Finally, Someone Made a Dr. Grordbort Game

Dr. Grordbort is a character created by WETA's Greg Broadmore, a champion of Victorian Britain's struggles against the inhabitants of Mars. Beginning life as the avatar for a range of fancy toy guns, he's become something of a cult figure, partly for his awesome toy guns, partly because of his wonderful facial hair.

Sadly, for some reason or another, video game publishers are too cowardly to commission real games based on men with such powerful moustaches, so it's been left to fans to do the work.


Lord Cockswain in V for Venusians DM is a 2D platformer made by Gamefroot, a New Zealand-based company who used their own game creation suite to put this thing together.

Seeing as its built from a framework anyone can pick up and use, it's pretty good!

Lord Cockswain in V for Venusians DM [Gamefroot]

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