Finally, M.I.A. Offers Her Thoughts On Video Game Violence

Musical artist, apparent Sonic the Hedgehog aficionado and one of Time magazine's "World's Most Influential People" M.I.A. answers a long burning question—what does the woman known as M.I.A. think of video game violence?

According to an interview in Complex magazine, as relayed by CVG, M.I.A. seems conflicted on the matter, concerned more about her own son's exposure to real world violence over the virtual stuff, saying "My kid's gonna see it, but he's gonna see it in computer games."


Still, Ms. Arulpragasam worries "there's a whole generation of American kids seeing violence on their computer screens and then getting shipped off to Afghanistan. They feel like they know the violence when they don't. Not having a proper understanding of violence, especially what it's like on the receiving end of it, just makes you interpret it wrong and makes inflicting violence easier."

Sounds like she and "killology" term-coiner Lt. Col. Dave Grossman have some similar thoughts on the matter. At least we now know, sort of, what's going through M.I.A.'s head.

M.I.A: Video games teach kids violence [CVG]

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