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Finally, I Can Recommend a PlayStation Mini To You

For reasons that I'm sure are my fault but may also have to do with their placement in an unlit corner of the PlayStation Network's digital store, I've not been able to recommend a PlayStation Mini to you. These little games are playable on PS3's, PSPs and Vitas. They're little, like the iPhone games I enjoy. But I've had none to recommend.


Today, I've got one.

It's called Velocity. It's cost $5. It's good!

The game is a vertically-scrolling space shooter along the lines of Ikaruga, but with two twists: 1) you can scroll the game faster, to move things along and beat time goals and 2) you can teleport your ship to otherwise-unreachable parts of the playing field as you try to kill or collect everything in the level that needs to be killed or collected. Watch the trailer above to see all of this happening.


I've been playing Velocity on my Vita, though the game isn't officially in the American Vita store yet. No big deal. I got it on my PS3, plugged my Vita into the PS3, transferred it over and have been enjoying it since then.

Go get it, PS-people.

(Confession: I was supposed to stop ignoring Minis in 2010. I don't know what happened. I... got an iPhone?)

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