Finally, Grease: The Video Game

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News that 505 Games and Paramount Digital are bringing the musical Grease to the Nintendo Wii gives me chills - which could be multiplying.


505 Games is overseeing development on the new project, which looks to be an all-singing, all-dancing party game that takes advantage of both the Wii's motion sensing controls and a microphone. Players will finally be able to live the dream of singing alongside Danny, Sandy, The Pink Ladies and the T-Birds. You know, the dreams we all shared 30 years ago and then quickly grew out of?

"The 'Grease' movie is a timeless pop culture icon, and 505 Games is eager to bring the first interactive experience based on the film to fans around the world," said Adam Kline, president of 505 Games (U.S.). "We're looking forward to working with Paramount Digital Entertainment to put players in the middle of all the fun with this all-new video game."

I just hope the game is successful enough to garner a sequel covering Grease 2. I can't wait to get together with the kids to sing timeless classics like "Reproduction" and "Let's Do It For Our Country."

Actually, this version of Grease is based on the original high school musical, so chances of dancing to "Cool Rider" on your Wii any time soon are slim. The announcement came with no release date attached, so we're safe...for now.



You know, I just had a flashback to the DDR: The Musical, after reading about Grease: The Video Game.

Oy. Why did I have to remember that? I need a big bottle of mind bleach.