Finally! A Song about Co-Op Gaming

The Nghiems is an indie rock band fronted by David Nghiem and his brother James. The group's single "Dum Dum Dah Dah" is about co-op gaming.

The tune's video features a slew of stop motion photography, arcade gaming, and the members of The Nghiems.

Making the video took four months and used 8,000 individual photos as well as action figures. If you want to see how they did that, check out the behind-the-scenes clip.


If you want to buy the single or the album, swing by iTunes.

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The Diversionist

I am just an ignant American, but how do you pronounce the name of the band? Does "Ng" in Vietnamese always sound like "W", as in Nguyen being pronounced "Win", thus making it "The Wee-ems"?