If you've ever spent any substantial time on a playground, you're likely to have heard some tall tales, particularly if the topic is video games. Logically, someone's created a Wiki full of those lies.

The Video Game Lies Wiki is archiving some of the most creative bullshit ever piled upon the video game medium, touching on all things fabricated about Super Mario Bros., Tomb Raider and Street Fighter. It's a treasure trove of urban legends and impossible-to-prove Easter Eggs—think nude codes, unattainable unlockables, and general nonsense.


One of my faves?

This streak of BS, attributed to Mortal Kombat 3: "There is a special move that allows the character to impregnate one of the female characters. This is said to cause the character to explode after a span of time and make babies appear to come out of the character's belly."

Ahh... the wonders of imagination and one-up-manship!

While hardly exhaustive, we're hoping that others will join in on the fun and expand upon the archived fabrications and falsehoods passed on from annoying acquaintances.


Video Game Lies [Wikia via GameSetWatch]

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