Finally, A Good Look at Beyond Good & Evil 2’s Detailed, Dirty Environments

It's been a virtual flood of leaks and glimpses this week for Beyond Good & Evil 2. There've been comments about tech requirements and a screenshot of the sequel's gameworld. Now, a video flythrough of the environmental design has popped up.

Now, this footage has popped up before in a presentation that developer Michel Ancel gave at a French game conference last year. But that was crappy camphone video. This clips better shows off the grittier look of Jade's next adventure. Will it be too gritty? Who knows?


At this rate, it'd be a shock if Ubisoft doesn't talk about Beyond Good & Evil 2 at E3 this year.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 [PS3 / Xbox 360 - Beta / Prototype] [Unseen64, via VG24/7]

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