I wouldn't say I'm a "Horse-Game Connoisseur," but I do think horses are pretty neat. So I got a kick out of the press release I received from Ubisoft today about their upcoming 3DS game, Horses 3D.

According to the press release, Horses 3D will be the "first authentic horse game for the Nintendo 3DS system," and will allow players to "experience the thrill of being a horse stable manager as they care for, ride, and train more than 15 horses for world-class performances."

(More than 15 horses! That could be, like, any number! There could be fifty horses in this game!)

The game will take advantage of the 3DS' capabilities to create "the most realistic visuals for a horse game yet." Said features include "beautiful environments and textures," and of course, "3D horses."

"Build unique relationships with 16 realistic horses by grooming, feeding and cleaning off their hooves," the press release promises. Ok, so, 16 horses.


"Players can also train their horses through four equestrian disciplines such as stunt riding to jumping and even dressage and then compete in races or go on fun rides."

3DS owners will be able to go on fun rides in Horses 3D when the game launches on March 27th for $39.99.