Finally A Dedicated Wii Yoga Game

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The Nintendo Wii becomes even more attractive as a Mother's Day gift with the announcement of Yoga for Wii, a Balance Board exploration of personal wellness.


The cleverly named Yoga for Wii is exactly what it sounds like - a yoga game for the Nintendo Wii. Using the Wii Balance Board, players will be able to yoga their way through three different modes. There's a training mode that teaches you new poses, a Routine Mode, which lets you create your own daily yoga routine, and Story Mode, where you start off as a novice and end up a yoga guru, presumably after defeating your mentor in yoga combat. Just a guess, really.

It actually sounds like a rather interesting product. The Balance Board and Wii remote are used in conjunction to measure your balance, while a computerized guru tracks your overall progress, giving you suggestions and plotting a course towards whatever the goal of yoga is. Finding Shangri-la or something. Not really well-versed in yoga.

The game is basically a part of the same pattern for Wii Fit that we saw with Wii Sports. Nintendo releases mini-games, other publishers step up to create full versions. This time around it's JoWooD and DreamCatcher, who plan on an October release for Yoga for Wii. A bit late for Mother's Day, but I'm sure she'll be happy with an I.O.U.


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