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Final Web Of Shadows Box Art Decided

Illustration for article titled Final Web Of Shadows Box Art Decided

The votes have been tallied, and to my great surprise and dismay, the Spider-Man: Web of Shadows box art has been chosen by the fans themselves, and they chose...poorly. I suppose in all fairness the two choices we were presented weren't all that great in the first place - it was either Spider-Man holding a dome-less snow globe or Spider-Man with concept art for arms. I was leaning towards the snow globe myself, but Wolverine and Venom together on one cover is kind of hard to resist. Besides, when you've got as good of a game inside as I played at the Games Convention in Leipzig, you could ship it in a plain cardboard sleeve and I'd still be there on launch day to pick up the special corrugated edition.


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I remember a comic book cover awhile back. With Spidey swinging, Logan looking menacing with his claws out (and bared jowls). And guess who was there as the enemy? Venom.

C'mon they could have used that. Blah...