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Final Fantasy XV's Summon Will Blow Your Damn Mind

Illustration for article titled iFinal Fantasy XV/is Summon Will Blow Your Damn Mind

There are a lot of cool moments in Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae, the much-anticipated demo that's finally out today for PS4 and Xbox One (alongside FF Type-0 HD).


You can explore the world, take on sidequests, get to know Noctis and his merry band of bros, and spend a whole lot of time playing around with the high-octane combat system. The demo is rough, but it's full of promising ideas and definitely worth your time if you care about Final Fantasy at all.

You can also get a... certain summon, which you can activate once Noctis runs out of HP and use against just about any outdoor enemy in the game. In Final Fantasy, summons are a Pretty Big Deal, and FFXV appears to be no exception. I shouldn't say anything else. Just watch this.


Here's a friendly spoiler warning in case you don't want to know what summon is in FFXV: Episode Duscae.

(Make sure you set the video to HD.)

Yeah. That's a thing.

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Holy. Shit.
Even the terrain gets wrecked. Please tell me Bahamut is in this so I can blow city-sized holes into the ground