One of the best features of Final Fantasy XV are Prompto’s photos. Every time you rest for the night, the game will show you a roll of photos from that day’s adventures which you can save and share on social media. These randomly generated mementos are mostly unique to your particular game, giving it a lot of personality, and sometimes they’re strikingly beautiful. But sometimes…sometimes they look like absolute ass.

For the most part Prompto’s a great photographer, and I’m usually pretty stunned by how cool the photos are in the reel at the end of the day. But like all of us, he struggles with taking selfies with the rear facing camera on his phone.

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It’s true that photography in real life is about taking a ton of shots and selecting the best after the fact, especially if you’re shooting on film. That doesn’t necessarily explain why Prompto thinks it’s cool to snap photos of himself and his buddies dying.

Nor does it explain what the fuck is happening with Ignis’ glasses here.

Or why this Noctis moment was worth taking a picture of.

Or…. this.

Or why Prompto keeps taking pictures of everyone’s ass.

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