Final Fantasy XV's Episode Prompto Is Way Better Than The Last DLC

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Everybody knows a Prompto in real life, don’t they? Prompto is the guy who’s always cracking dumb jokes, who hits on everything that walks, who tries his hardest to keep everyone smiling and feeling good. He’s also the guy harboring deep-seated insecurities that sometimes manifest as visions of his childhood self. Also he might be a robot?


Episode Prompto, a new chapter of downloadable content for Final Fantasy XV that came out yesterday, digs deep into everyone’s favorite blond clown. It takes place near the end of the main game, when Noctis accidentally pushes Prompto off a train, and it shows us Prompto’s side of the story. Although Episode Prompto leaves some questions unanswered (such as: “where did he get that sweet parka?”), it does elaborate a bit on Prompto’s childhood, his parental situation, and his feelings about his fellow bros.

Like Episode Gladiolus earlier this year, Episode Prompto switches up the gameplay of Final Fantasy XV and makes combat feel new. Unlike Episode Gladiolus, Episode Prompto is actually good. Instead of sluggish sword-swinging, you’ll be swapping guns and shooting enemies in third person, like a smoother version of Dirge of Cerberus. You can throw grenades, steal enemies’ guns, and take cover as you roll around warehouses and snowfields. Prompto’s gunplay never feels quite as satisfying as a dedicated shooter would, but there’s something fun about mowing down Magitek soldiers with a stolen machine gun.


You can also equip grenades, a rocket launcher, and even a sniper rifle:

Illustration for article titled iFinal Fantasy XV/is iEpisode Prompto/i Is Way Better Than The Last DLC

The DLC lasts around two hours (plus a few sidequests) and ends with some spectacular boss fights. Don’t expect many major story revelations or bombshells here—if there were, Square Enix would probably charge more than $5!—but Episode Prompto is fun and worth playing.

Also you get to ride on a snowmobile. I recommend this DLC to anyone who 1) likes Final Fantasy XV; 2) enjoys spending time with Prompto; or 3) harbors deep insecurities about their place in the world.

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Thanks for the review. I’ll be grabbing this one Promptoly.