Look, Square Enix—you can keep your fancy graphics and high-octane magic swordfights or whatever else you're shoving into the next Final Fantasy. You guys know that all it really takes to reel back your old fanbase is a few bars of Uematsu.


I mean, listen to this. LISTEN. This is the newly-released trailer for the upcoming demo of Final Fantasy XV, which will be released alongside Type-0 HD next month, and really, it could've just been 80 seconds of Noctis taking a dump, along as it had that soundtrack.

(The FFXV trailer starts at 2:39—before that is spoilery Type-0 stuff, so be careful.)

Also there's sneaking and crawling and fistbumps and a bigass behemoth monster and I genuinely can't believe that, almost nine years after it was first announced, we're finally going to get to play this game in just a month.

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