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Final Fantasy XV Patch Will Add More Story, Improve Chapter 13

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Why buy games on day one anymore? A newly planned set of updates for Final Fantasy XV won’t just fix bugs, they’ll add story cutscenes and improve the game’s slow-paced thirteenth chapter by adding more powers to Noctis’s repertoire.

“We want you to enjoy Final Fantasy XV for a long time to come,” writes director Hajime Tabata on the Square Enix blog today. “We have been listening to your ideas on how to make the game experience even better, and so in addition to the previously announced content, we’ll be providing free updates to the game throughout the coming year.”


Tabata continues:

Our early plans are to enrich certain aspects of the game, adding gameplay enhancements for Chapter 13, buffing ring magic, etc. We’ll have the specifics of what and when for you at a later date.

After that, we’re hoping to delve deeper into the story, adding scenes that will give you new insight into character motivations, such as why Ravus walked the path he did. We will need a little time with these, as they’ll need to be localized and voiced in other languages, but we’ll let you know the details once everything is set.

For the long term, we are looking at making certain key characters playable, and even considering the possibility of customizable avatars, in addition to other features over time.

Other features we have in mind include letting you carry over stats from a previous playthrough, and adding items that introduce new playstyles, such as low-level runs and god mode. We’re also examining readability tweaks - increasing font size - for certain languages. On top of that, we’re looking at content you can enjoy in real-time, including new bosses with exclusive rewards and achievements, and limited-time hunts.


One of the game’s biggest problems is its major plot holes, which have left most players confused about the motivations of key characters like Ravus. And Chapter 13 drags on for far too long, so it’s understandable that they’d want to spice it up. This is all in addition to the already-announced slate of paid DLC, which includes packs for each character and co-op multiplayer.

If you’re feeling like a chump for getting Final Fantasy XV the day it came out, you’re not alone. But hey, at least we got to be beta testers.