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Final Fantasy XIV Fans Are Melting Down Over This 'Insulting' Chair

‘Are we just some kind of mascot race for them to poke fun at for marketing value?’

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
A Lalafell writes in a notebook.
Image: Square Enix / Kotaku

Final Fantasy XIV just dropped a new patch this week, which added new sidequests and a massive dungeon to the popular MMO. It also added quality of life features, one of which has made fans extremely upset. You’ll never guess what it is: A chair. Many FFXIV players are rioting in the Square Enix forums, demanding that it be changed or removed.

The Lalafell Lifter is tall and pink. It’s also clearly intended for Lalafell, a diminutive race with childish facial features. Except, not all players who pick Lalafell during character creation are looking to play as literal children. Many of them simply want to explore the land of Eorzea as very short adults. Since the Lifter looks rather childish, these players felt that it was “undignified” to their fantasy race.

Tired of being forgotten in conversation and hitting the edge of the table with your nose? No longer with the Lalafell Lifter, the chair specifically designed to uplift even the smallest of heroes.
Screenshot: Square Enix / Kotaku

“​​We have been begging for Lalafell furniture for the longest time, especially after visiting Tomra and seeing all of the Lalafellin sized furniture. We haven’t had an official Lalafell furniture since the step stool, so we were excited to finally have something that wasn’t huge or way over our heads!” A Lalafell player wrote on the Square Enix forums. “Except this piece of furniture is not what we were hoping for. It’s insulting and a lot of my friends think the same. It looks like a toddler’s high chair.”


This isn’t a straightforward meltdown over an ugly piece of furniture. It turns out that other FFXIV players often mistreat Lalafell mains due to their diminutive height. Multiple people were upset that others would go so far as to call them pedophiles or groomers for playing a Lalafell. Some cited name-calling and harassment. One bemoaned that playing Lalafell caused them to be excluded from role-play servers. Some of the less gracious comments seemed to confirm the reality of Lalafell discrimination. “I find this funny,” wrote one commenter who played a draconic Au Ra character. “Probably should add a pair of diapers too lol.”

Less mean-spirited players pointed out that nobody is forcing anybody to buy the chair. “I’ve been playing as a Lala for years. I’ve seen and heard it all, and most of it has been directed at me at least once. What do I do? Get over it,” wrote one commenter. “The amount of Lala ‘hatred’ is greatly exaggerated, and when it does happen people need to learn to not be so defensive and upset over such trivial matters.”

Plenty of other players felt that Lalafell mains got the chair that they deserve. “Lalafell players really out here hating being infantilized, and then [they] cry about a chair they don’t have to use.”