Based on the optional dungeon in Final Fantasy III where the game’s most robust equipment can be found, the Forbidden Land of Eureka comes to Final Fantasy XIV in patch 4.25 on March 13, bringing with it brand new gameplay mechanics and powerful new equipment to acquire and enhance.

In Final Fantasy XIV, Eureka is a mysterious island that appears in the Far East’s Glass Ocean. It’s a vast, open area where up to 144 players can play at once, teaming up to complete goals and take down powerful enemies.


Rather than earning standard experience levels and equipment rewards, in Eureka players progress by earning elemental experience and gear unique to the zone. Through the use of a new customizable Magia Board mechanic, players can match the elemental affinity of their attacks to oppose those of their enemies. Having the proper elements available for any given task will play a huge role in the success of Eureka-based ventures.

It sounds like a great deal of fun, especially with 144 players running about all at once. As someone who plays a character with the ability to resurrect other players, I am particularly interested in the way death works in Eureka—players lose elemental experience when they die unless rezzed within 10 minutes of falling. I’m always up for lending a healing hand. It makes me feel useful.


I shall feel quite useful come March 13, when update 4.25 opens up the Forbidden Land to Eorzeans everywhere.

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