Final Fantasy XIII For PS3 Won't Be "Generic" Due To 360 Version

We thought this had been cleared up, but it appears Final Fantasy XIII producer Yoshinori Kitase may still be getting some heat over the decision to bring the big-budget RPG to the Xbox 360. Kitase told GameSpot early last month that the 360 version wouldn't go into full production until the PS3 one was complete and burned to Blu-ray. He also wanted to calm fears that the already long wait for FFXIII will be even longer, now that it's coming to Microsoft's console. Furthermore, Kitase wants to set aside any fears that the PS3 version will suffer in an attempt to fit onto an Xbox 360 DVD."The PS3 version is what is in development right now and the team is looking to specialize it for the PS3 so that the game is maximized," Kitase said in a OPM Australia interview. "And then they will port it over to the 360 and fully utilize the capabilities of that console." Funny, we actually thought it was the other way around, as PlayStation 3 games have been somewhat lagging behind their 360 counterparts as development teams come to term with its oddball architecture. Fortunately, most of that seems to be behind us PS3 owners. If Square Enix is really pulling off FFXIII's graphics on the PS3, we're not too worried about it. FFXIII Interview: Development Progress Update [Final Fantaxy - thanks, Matt!]


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