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Last night, Square Enix held its Final Fantasy XIII Premiere Party, giving a handful of individuals a chance to play the Tokyo Game Show build of Final Fantasy XIII.


At each demo station, the game's controls were detailed for players. The controls don't seem to have changed since the earlier demo that was bundled with Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete.


• Directional Pad
Field: Not used
Battle: Toggle through targets, commands

• Left Stick
Field: Move character
Battle: Not used

• L1 Button
Field: Field items
Battle: Paradigm Shift ("Optima Change")

• Select Button
Field: Navigational Map
Battle: Not used

• Start Button
Field: Pause Menu
Battle: Pause

• Circle Button*
Field: To select things, make decisions, etc (The equivalent of the "X" button)
Battle: Input commands, select targets

• Square Button
Field: Open Area Map
Battle: Driving Mode (Type of attack used when Summons are in Gestalt Mode)

• X Button*
Field: Cancel
Battle: Cancel

• Triangle Button
Field: Open Menu
Battle: Input commands

• Right Stick/R3 Button
Field: Camera
Field: Camera

*Note: In Japan, the Circle Button is for traditional for select and the X Button is for cancel. "Circle" in Japanese means "yes", while "X" means "no" or "bad" — explaining why Microsoft initially had difficulty with the Xbox in Japan.

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