Final Fantasy XIII, for all its money and marketing, rang hollow with many gamers (even serious fans of the franchise), standing accused of being everything from linear to, well, just boring.


Playing Final Fantasy XIII for around ten minutes at TGS this morning, all I could think of was how much this played like FFXIII but how much it was trying to look like older games in the series.

You can see this clearly in both the videos above, the character designs looking more vibrant and colourful than those found in most parts of FFXIII.


Playing for only ten minutes, and only then mostly just hitting things until they died, I couldn't really get a feel for the promised advances and fine-tuning promised by Square Enix for the game. JRPGs, like MMOs, aren't really suited for the PLAY THIS QUICKLY THEN LEAVE nature of events like the Tokyo Game Show.

But like I said, it certainly looked more like a Final Fantasy game (FFX in particular), and if you're a hardcore fan and think you can notice something little I couldn't there are two gameplay clips above, one of regular combat, the other of a nice cinematic and a boss fight.

For reference, I played on Xbox 360 (smaller lines!).

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