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Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster is dated for Japan. Out December 26, it will also include "The Eternal Calm" and "Last Mission." No word about a Western release.



I really really really would appreciate a HD remake of FF8. Pretty Please?. That game was so underrated.

Granted the Junction system was a little ill conceived but honestly it was before its time if you think about it.

Nowadays people want games that are difficult and focus on resource management and survival, this game teased those elements.

- You could become extremely powerful but had to draw and stock magic spells.

- You had to junction train your summons as well as your characters and have your team specialize with certain ones increasing individual character value (Really needed for the end of the game)

- You needed to junction that magic you drew from monsters to particular stats of your character to increase their power BUT the more you used that magic in battle the more it would decrease your stats (Health, strength etc).

- Building your weapons through magazines you find throughout the world that give instructions and item requirements

- A fantastic card game that is a serious time sink perfect for mobile platforms and even spawned its own fan mad standalone website(Below for anyone whos interested)


If you loved FF7 for the twists and turns this game had them in spades. The characters back-stories was just amazing the first time i played, and the music THE MUSIC!.

But i digress