Final Fantasy X is Coming to PlayStation Vita and PS3 in HD

Illustration for article titled emFinal Fantasy X/em is Coming to PlayStation Vita and PS3 in HD

Square Enix will bring PlayStation 2 role-playing game Final Fantasy X to the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3, the company announced today, giving the 2001 video game a high definition makeover.


The game's publisher called the HD upgrade a "special 10th anniversary production" but did not show the Vita and PS3 version in action, only saying that the specs for each version of Final Fantasy X would be similar. No date yet and no word on that Final Fantasy VII remake you were hoping for, but a potentially good sign for the Vita.

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Dear Kotaku and friends - need some help. I'm really considering picking up a PSP, as A. it's never been cheaper, B. I really want to play the FF Dissidia series, C. FF Tactics is one of my very favorite games and I can spend infinite hours on it. However, with the Vita lingering on the horizon, am I shooting myself in the foot?

Please advise, and Square - please remake FFVI. It's the best one really. Thank you.