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Final Fantasy VII Remake Looking Less Likely?

Illustration for article titled Final Fantasy VII Remake Looking Less Likely?

Square Enix designer Tetsuya Nomura doesn't believe a Final Fantasy VII remake will happen "for some time". He isn't alone.


Final Fantasy XIII producer Yoshinori Kitase is equally pessmistic about the prospects of a Final Fantasy VII remake. The reason? "This issue is related to whether a Final Fantasy 7 remake will happen or not," Kitase told Ultimania magazine. "It is very hard to make games on PlayStation 3 in the same style as the games in that era had. Making graphics will take enormous time."


Longer than Final Fantasy XIII?

The source of all the FFVII remake talk harks beck to 2006, when Square Enix released a "technical demo" depicting the game as it would look in the PlayStation 3. The game was originally released on the PlayStation 1 in 1997.

Square Enix's Nomura has mentioned that even though the chances of a FFVII could be a ways off, the character Cloud could get cameos in other titles.

Toriyama explains reasons for Final Fantasy XIII linearity [The Lost Gamer via 1UP]

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Rachel Fogg

:sigh: New year and new denial...

Bullshit SE, pure concentrated bullshit. You know it's bullshit, I know it's bullshit...we all know you're full of shit SE. This gen proved it in HD....

The amount of money and resources you wasted on games like Last Remnant, SO4, ID, little side games and could've made like 3 Final Fantasy VII remake games.

Fuck, the money you put in the VII Compilation alone you probably could've made the remake.

SE, we're not asking you to transfer reality and compress it with rainbows and kittens. We're asking you to remake VII using the XIII engine..that CAN'T be that hard or expensive, compared to the Fabula Nova money hole ffs...

My god, just remake the game already so it can DIE! I REALLY want to move on.

I....I just want Omnislash in 1080p...goddamnit.

You can release all the 'We're not gonna do it.' announcements all you want but we all know you're full of shit.

Prove me wrong and remove every planned FFVII cameo or whatever from future games, tell me you've moved on from VII and focused on the future.