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Final Fantasy Modder Gets Modesty Complaints, Makes Cloud Even Sexier

I’m getting the vapors and I don’t even like Final Fantasy VII's hero like that

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Two images of Final Fantasy VII hero cloud, one with a bare midriff and another a close-up shot of his tattooed stomach.
Image: Square Enix / Juijub / CadetCloud

A custom Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade model of Cloud Strife wearing a leather jacket drew criticism from the users of mod repository NexusMods earlier this week due to the way it exposed the brooding protagonist’s chiseled abs with a form-fitting crop top.

“Make a version without a midriff and you got a deal, salesman!” wrote one early commenter.


“Can you make a version that doesn’t expose the belly?” asked another.

“Any way we can get a version without the belly exposed?” requested a third.

The mod’s creator, a prolific dev known online as Juijub, eventually responded to the last comment with news that the mod had been updated. Soon after, the NexusMods page reflected this change with a new entry showing the Leather Cloud model was now in ver.1.1. “His stomach’s covered now,” reads the updated file’s description, a devious smiley face capping off Juijub’s sarcastic message to critics.


Cloud’s stomach is indeed covered now, but not by clothing. No, instead of extending the impossibly tight shirt beneath Mr. Strife’s custom leather jacket and hiding his incredible physique, Juijub made the whole ensemble even more flamboyant with the addition of a tattoo between the Final Fantasy VII hero’s belly button and naughty bits. You gotta love this kind of dedication to a bit.

With Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade’s arrival on PC last December, a whole new world of modding opportunities was opened to skilled creators who wanted to mold Midgar and its denizens in their image. In addition to the controversial project described above, Juijub has also released mods that replace Cloud with his best friend Zack Fair, give Barrett Wallace’s gun arm a Mega Man-style makeover, and (gulp) remove clothing from the Cloud and Tifa Lockhart models altogether.

At the time of this writing, Juijub’s leather jacket mod with the added tattoo has been downloaded more than the original. The people know what they want, and it’s a slutty Cloud Strife.