Final Fantasy VII Remake Has Very Realistic Air-Conditioning Units

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Final Fantasy VII Remake might be set in a fantasy world Gaia and have stupid doors, but that doesn’t make the game lacks realistic air conditioning units.


Players have noticed all the A/C units throughout the capital city Midgar. Similar units are seen throughout modern-day Japan, where central air is uncommon for apartments and houses, so it’s interesting to spot them in-game. 

As air conditioning pros pointed out, the game’s A/C units are on point.


Here is the real-world unit apparently referenced in the game. (Below is a 2018 Hitachi model.)


This shouldn’t be totally expected. Final Fantasy XV, for example, brought real-world Japanese police cars and toll booths to its fantasy setting Eos.

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Randy Randerson

Wish the air conditioning modelers could’ve helped out the NPC modelers, because...holy shit, they’re a mixed bag. And so generic. It really pulls me out of the immersion when my intricately-detailed-super-HD-protag-with-a-seven-foot-long-sword is getting quests from a bland custom character from THPS 4.