Final Fantasy VII Remade...In Another Video Game

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For over two years, Jamie Colliver has been working hard on recreating almost all of Final Fantasy VII within another video game (LittleBigPlanet, not Minecraft). He's finally done.

Using the PS3 platformer as his foundation, and with a cast of characters ready to go courtest of some old FFVII-related DLC for the game, the recreation took 107 videos. It gets pretty stilted in parts, but hey, as an exercise in dedication (and in working within the limitations of LBP), it's super impressive.

You can browse all the vids, in chronological order, here.

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I honestly have no idea why they haven't recreated FFVII. It would be a cash cow. Sure it would be probably the largest remake undertaking in years due to its sheer size and age, but with proper marketing it would be on par with the Kim Kardashian nude for people who love the game. Commonly called one of the best RPGs of all time, this is a guaranteed sell if done well.

It's been so long that not only will people replay the game for the nostalgia, they'll replay the game because they forgot specifics of the plot, AND new people will be enticed to try it.