Final Fantasy VI With a Full Orchestra is Damn Majestic

Illustration for article titled emFinal Fantasy VI/em With a Full Orchestra is Damn Majestic

You can now listen to a recording of Final Fantasy VI’s music made by the The Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra. It’s stirring stuff.


The recording was made in June but has only just found its way online. It’s a new orchestration of music from the game arranged as ‘symphonic poem’ called Born with the Gift of Magic. You can watch the full performance here if you like smart evening wear and trumpets (which I recommend as it just looks so awesome), or just listen to the audio below.

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It's pretty good but I feel like it's definitely rushing through the movements wayyyyy too quickly. The emotional impact of so many of the songs and themes ends up getting totally lost when one second it's slow and the next it's so fast without a good buildup. It makes me want to stop the youtube video and go back and listen to the non-rushed original pieces. I wish this adaptation would have taken its time more.

Check out this version that takes its time; it's a little under an hour long: