Final Fantasy Versus XIII Put On Hold

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Square Enix's grandiose plans for a Final Fantasy XIII three-way appear to be a bit stalled. The action oriented spin-off known as Final Fantasy Versus XIII may be coming even later than expected, which should come as a surprise to absolutely no one. According to an interview with Versus XIII director Tetsuya Nomura in the newest issue of Famitsu, he explains that development is the side story is currently "on hold," with development staff of that game now tasked with getting FFXIII out the door.


Given that it's been over two years since Square Enix first showed off its FFXIII offerings and we're still getting trailers devoid of gameplay, we certainly don't expect to see Final Fantasy XIII until well into 2009. We'll pencil in Versus for 2013 or so.

Let's give it up for ten-year console life cycles!

Nomura: Square Enix blow-out at TGS, Versus XIII on hold [Forever Fantasy]

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Nightshift Nurse

To all the people suspicious of the delays, bare in mind that since 2003 Square-Enix has released 60 going on 70 titles. That's roughly one game a month for the last five years.

There's your delay folks.

They've simply spread themselves way too thin over the last several years, and I think its only just now dawning on them how out of whack their priorities have gotten as a result. Instead of focusing on the main, numbered Final Fantasies (I'm including the Compilation of Final Fantasy 7 in this simply because of the clout that sub-franchise possesses), Dragon Quests, and Kingdom Hearts, they're spending all of their time working on the spin-offs and the casual fare.

They've been serving almost nothing but appetizers and side dishes for ages and it seems word has finally gotten back to them that their customers demand the main course.