Final Fantasy Legend II Getting DS Remake

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Next up on Square Enix's remake platter? SaGa 2: Hihou Densetsu aka Final Fantasy Legend II. Like the recent Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest DS remakes, the game is getting the full 3D treatment.


According to Shonen Jump, the game will be out sometime this year in Japan. No word about a Western release.

【サガ】『Sa・Ga2 秘宝伝説』がDSでリメイク 2009年発売 ★2 [2ch]



Why can't they just call it a SaGa game?

I'm tired of people who don't really play video games tell me they played a Final Fantasy game on gameboy, then they tell me it was one of the Legends and I'm like NO! that's not a Final Fantasy game.

Anyway, /endrant and the screens make it seem like it'll at least look cool.