Yes, I know. I want them too. But, much as I'd like to own some rad Final Fantasy cutlery, these were custom-made for one specific super-fan. We can ogle them from afar, though, and ogle we shall.

The Super-Fan Builds team enlisted the help of the ever-talented folks from Man At Arms to construct four gorgeous Final Fantasy kitchen knives. One is based on Auron's katana from FFX, another on Cloud's buster sword from FFVII, the third on Sephiroth's masamune from FFVII, and the last on Squall's gunblade from FFVIII. They were all made as a surprise gift for a woman who is quite clearly a Final Fantasy super-fan.


Here they all are in their snazzy Ultros stand/sheath:

Illustration for article titled iFinal Fantasy/i Kitchen Knives Deal Critical Damage To Fruit, Vegetables

They are ridiculously pretty, and I would definitely use them. Hey Square, maybe you could, you know, take a little inspiration from this custom set? I can guarantee you at least one (1!) entire customer. Hint: it's me. The customer is me.

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