That new Final Fantasy cafe in Tokyo? Oh, it looks wonderful. The blue ramen it's serving? Not so much.

As pointed out on Radio Kaikan, Dengeki Online (above) and elsewhere, this is called "Sea King Leviathan's Chilled Ocean Noodles." So, yeah, they're blue and they're cold.

[Photo: Radio Kaikan]

[Photo: LiveDoor]

Who the hell wants to eat food that's blue? I mean, blueberries are purple, so they're okay. There are numerous blue fish, but... the meat isn't blue. As website ColorMatters explains, blue suppresses the appetite, with the rationale being that blue foods are rare.

[Photo: 4Gamer]

"This isn't exactly a color that makes me hungry," wrote one commenter on 2ch, Japan's largest internet forum. "This is awful," added another.

[Photo: Radio Kaikan]

I guess this dish might get a pass, because really, it's the broth that is blue. It might be delicious, you know? Chilled noodles are wonderful during the summer.

[Photo: Quatle_ff11]

Um, no. This is still gross.

So, yeah, don't make blue Final Fantasy ramen! Just make this.

[Photo: Radio Kaikan]

真っ青な衝撃ラーメン!「ファイナルファンタジー エオルゼアカフェ」の正体 [2ch]

Top photo: Dengeki

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